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Our commitment is to always produce the finest wines for you.

At COIP, we redefine the wine distribution experience. As a consortium of associated producers, we bring together a remarkable range of wines from every corner of Italy.

Pirani Wines was born at the beginning of 2019 with the bottling of Extra dry prosecco and Cuvée Rosé sparkling wine. The start of production is inaugurated by participating as a sponsor in the 16th edition of Monte Carlo Film Festival . Without losing heart, let’s participate in Vinitaly , VinExpo Bordeaux, London Wine Fair and Vinitaly Russia . Thus ends our first year and between one glass of bubbles and another we bring home the first results.

The Di Carlo family has been making wine since 1830, but it’s in 1991 that Giannicola converted all the vineyards to organic farming and got the certification by ICEA, and founded the winery as we know it today.  We treasure the Abruzzo grape variety such as Montepulciano, Passerina, Pecorino while experimenting with other italian varieties like Primitivo, and some international ones. No sulphites-added and vegan certified wines. are available. Through the use of classic and ancient winemaking techniques, involving amphoras and concrete, we offer a broad range of styles, while a low-chemical intervention and an environment-respectful winemaking remains our polar star. 

In 1999, in a well-known area in the vast panorama of Italian enology, “the Daunia” in the fertile countryside of San Severo, a new story comes to life. The challenge starts from a beautiful hill in the Alto Tavoliere, the Coppadoro, from where you can admire the Gargano, the Sub-Apennines and the endless Tavoliere delle Puglie. In 2001 two entrepreneurs, united by a great ambition and passion for the land, make this dream a beautiful reality. Thus Tenuta Coppadoro was born.





Marzodd is a young and dynamic company engaged in selection and promotion of local excellence. At the base of each product is the pursuit of excellence through a meticulous selection of raw materials e of the hands that take care of it. “Choose excellence” is our motto. We locate, select and we bottle the best wine and extra virgin olive oil of the territory of Puglia, enclosing them in sophisticated and avant-garde packaging.

A more than one hundred year old story that started with Giuseppe Caffo Mastro Distillatore at the end of the 19th century, when Giuseppe himself, at the foot of Mount Etna, began distilling marc, founding the Italian company that still bears his name, which has become a leading brand of Made in Italy today.

From the most beautiful km in Italy

The sunny land of the hills of Reggio Calabria. Generous vineyards, with strong roots.

A love for wine that dates back to 1891. Stories and traditions, Tenute San Giovanni are on the hill overlooking Reggio Calabria, a stone’s throw from the remains of the Motta Rossa, one of the four fortifications built to defend against Arab raids.

Since 1968 the Tombacco family has passionately cultivated the land and the vine. I Magredi was bought in 1968 by Otello Tombacco, entrepreneur native of Oderzo.

At the beginning there were several crops: arable areas alternating apple trees, peach trees and finally vineyards. The harvested fruit was sold at the stand while the grape was brought to Oderzo for the vinification.

In 1985 after his graduation Michelangelo, Otello’s son, began to work in the family business and in the late ‘80s they transform I Magredi in a winery choosing to cultivate only vineyards.

The Marco Scolaris brand is now known as a young and a dynamic company, although Scolaris’ family has been producing wine since 1924.

Giovanni “Senior” built the first small winery, and was among the first to distribute and make local wines known throughout the region, even in wartime, by transporting the barrels with a horse-drawn cart.

Giovanni “Junior” created an underground cellar with the first concrete barrels inside and the first bottling line: a true avant-garde for the time.

Marco has transformed his grandfather’s vocation into a reality that has expanded on the national and international market.

Øodaaq vodka has a recent history. This is also demonstrated by the choice of raw materials and the search for a more evident aromatic mark, in line with Western tastes accustomed to more fragrant spirits.

In 1978, a small island was discovered north of Kaffeklubben Ø, until then considered the most northern island on Earth. This island was called Oodaaq Ø.

Sirius started new research to find Oodaaq Ø between 1981 and 1984, without any success.

The brand name Fausti was given through the joint initiative of Domenico D’Angelo and Cristina Fausti with the specific purpose of establishing a structure that would integrate harmoniously in the territory, which they have always loved and where they grew up.

Due to the years of experience acquired in vineyards they were not scared of facing such a challenging mission.

The strong ties with the land, coupled with the perfect combination of high density of vines per hectare and low production of grapes per vine have produced exceptional results.

The Zaccagnini Agricultural Company was founded in 1970 by Mario Zaccagnini , my father, an entrepreneur who had never had anything to do with the land. A man of few words, who always distributed smiles sparingly, but endowed with great sensitivity and love. for nature , a love inherited from his father Alessandro called “Lisà” by his friends, a musician passionate about wine, art and nature. In those years, Mario purchased the first land in the Salmàgina district, in Staffolo, in the central-eastern part of the Marche, 20 km from the Adriatic Sea. After a few years this activity , born almost for fun, as a gesture of love for the land of origin, grew to become the main and only activity . From that moment on, behind the name Zaccagnini lie stories of great sacrifices, victories and satisfactions, obtained with tenacity and perseverance, always believing in the objective to be achieved.

For four generations the Massucco family has managed the cellars of the same name. The company is passionately committed to the continuation to the cultivation of the vineyards, processing of the grapes, production and marketing of the wine. By carefully following the whole supply chain, the Italian winery can offer a product of excellence to all of those who wish to taste the best of the Roero. The company produces red and white wines, sparkling wines and crus, which bear the DOC and DOCG denominations.

Winery since 1920.

Four generations of winemaking passion.

We strive for high quality wines through careful selection of grapes and high production standards.

Our wide range satisfies both connoisseurs and young consumers.

Our farm and the winery wish to promote the knowledge of the typical Sardinian products as a vehicle to affirm the belonging to our land and promote Sardinia not only in terms of agriculture but also in terms of tourism and cultural profile.

With our wines we export a bit of Sardinia!

The location of the vineyard, the microclimate, and above all the particular floodplain soil with an extraordinary organic richness, the result of the periodic flooding of the Coghinas river, make the “Zinta” vineyard the real secret of the success of our wines.

In 1997 our three families of growers decided to buy the brand “Cantine Vinci” and to start a new adventure which would have involved them in the transformation of their grapes into wines with a distinct and constant quality.

Going from simply growers to wine-makers wasn’t so easy, but the experience, transmitted from father to son for generations, has been useful to let us understand what grapes were good to get the best quality wine,what were the best times for the grapes harvest, what were the soils to raise mainly the physiological and productive properties of several cultivars.

Villa de Varda grappa comes to life in Trentino, in the heart of the Piana Rotaliana where the vines gracefully grows at the feet of the Dolomites sun kissed and refreshed by the Lake Garda breeze. All our Grappa have a distinctive taste: the flavour of our territory and the scent of tradition. Today, the sixth generation of the Dolzan family brings forward the passion and the experience gained over the last 150 years.

Founded in 1840, the distillery of the Brunello brothers is now run by the fourth generation of the family, namely Giovanniand Paolo (sons of Giandomenico), and Stefano Brunello (son of Antonio).

Introducing the new image of the Brunello grappa are three novel lines: Origini, Classici and Talenti. These products reflect where the Brunellos want to position their distillates today.

A family story, a vineyard story.

It dates back to 1866, when Lieutenant Nino Bixio from Genoa – Giuseppe Garibaldi’s right arm – during his stay in the Verona area for the battle of Custoza (24 June 1866) lived a love story with a local noblewoman.

Alfonso, born of this relationship, inherited some lands in the Soave area and since then, for five generations now, the heirs of the family have dedicated themselves to the cultivation of vines.

Tenuta La Presa is a dream coming true for the Dei Micheli family.

In 1995, the courageous decision of buying a large estate of over 30 hectare at Caprino Veronese was taken. It was called “La Presa” and it became the starting point of what it is today.

With over 100 hectare and two wine cellars, of production and aging, Tenuta La Presa is one of the most beautiful wineries in the Veronese area.

Each day, Adelino, Marilena, Fabio and Serena share this great passion for producing amazing wine in this unique territory.

At Spiriti Artigiani, each product is a celebration of Italian heritage, rich in history and culture. From the ‘Spirito delle Dolomiti’ Amaro to the ‘Not another Vermut’ Vermouth, every creation is a testament to artisanal excellence. Our range is ever-expanding, with new products soon to join, all upholding our commitment to quality and innovation.

Our philosophy is grounded in the meticulous selection of raw materials, careful processing, and a passion for detail. We honor ancient infusion and distillation traditions while adding a contemporary touch that makes each sip a unique experience. This vision is encapsulated in our modern and appealing packaging, which tells the story of each beverage, inviting you on a sensory journey of taste and aroma.

Located in the heart of Valpolicella Classica, the ancient sandstone quarry, dating back to the 15th century, testifies to the intimate interrelationship between Zýmē’s philosophy and its local corner of earth. This underground complex, irresistibly fascinating and radiating an utterly distinctive genius loci, provides unique continuity between the past of tradition and the future of innovation. As the locus where nature, culture, and history converge, the quarry serves as the very foundation stone of Zýmē, its bodily structure fashioned of natural stone, the magical cavern in which, year after year, the wines mature, then finally enter the bottle.

only the very finest

Italian wines, steeped in centuries of winemaking tradition, captivate connoisseurs with their diverse flavors, regional nuances, and timeless elegance.