Food Packaging & Kitchen Accessories

Every great chef needs quality equipment

Italian food packaging embraces both tradition and innovation, employing eco-friendly materials to preserve the authenticity of its culinary treasures while minimizing environmental impact.

Founded in 1989, over the past 30 years the company has expanded and diversified its production, gaining expertise and professionalism in the manufacturing of accessories for industrial ovens.

The company’s core business is now the manufacturing and sale of Gastronorm trays and pans in vitrified steel for food use.

This product is certified according to the European UNI EN ISO 4531/2018 standard.

The product range includes moulded, folded and welded angular-shaped trays with angles of 90° and trays with rounded corners.

D & L srl, which has always been very attentive to the sustainability of its products, has combined the production of containers and trays for take-away, street food, and various packaging needs with the use of natural materials such as r-PET recycled from post-consumer bottles and biodegradable PLA. This initiative aims to minimize environmental impact by promoting the use of easily disposable and recyclable materials.