Why choose COIP?

With the introduction of the new Brexit rules, order management and transport costs have become extremely complicated and expensive activities for wine importers. Thanks to COIP, an Italian cooperative of producers based in the UK, everything has become easier and more convenient.

With COIP the manufacturer thinks everything, you don’t have to worry anymore. Optimize and simplify order management, reduce costs and eliminate investments. You get a wide range of quality wines with guaranteed price from the producer with a reliable service.

Producers network:

COIP is a cooperative of 43 producers from 16 Italian regions and a consolidated network capable of supporting and boosting your business. It is no longer necessary to organize expensive wine gropage from Italy, you can order mixed pallets directly from our warehouse in London.

Reliability of the service:

COIP responds promptly to market changes. The highest level of experience in the field is at your disposal to always provide you with the maximum reliability of the service. This is the only way we can guarantee you a delivery within max 48 hours and the simplest management you could wish for.

Small orders:

COIP manages the collection and repair even for small orders. These activities complicate and slow down your production, entrusting them to us means optimizing times and improving the quality of your work. And there is no minimum order quantity required.

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